Sitting here at the Langham hotel..waiting for pops to get ready so we can have a great night of yummy japanese...Heading to nobu for dinner...from all the feedback I don't think I have high expectations so I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised. (written weeks ago and the food was actually not that great...)

Was really hoping to go to Tetsuya soon but alas, no one to go with...I'm fine with eating at a cafe by myself but to go for degustation at one of the top restaurants alone is not my cup of tea..So I've given up on the idea altogether.

I've realised that the one thing that frustrates me is my lack of ability to read people when it I want to..I'm usually correct when I draw my own conclusions but sometimes my vision is completely opagued. And those are the most confusing or rather delusional moments. I try not to think about things but hey, can't help it sometimes..or maybe my piscean traits are shining through and building castles in the air. *shrugs*...Eureka! Why think so much? Just enjoy life and live for the moment..watever happens will happen, and if they don't then it's ok as well..

I really need a holiday, been demotivated at work albeit all the recognition and support. A friend asked last night if I would take off work for 2 years and travel or just bum around..My answer? Definitely not. I think my ambition far outweighs my momentary demotivation..yet I question myself on what is actually more important. Drowning in a fish bowl or spreading my wings.

Maybe I should join you guys in the spiritual enlightenment course! =p


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