Just got back from Charm's birthday. It's 4.30am right now and I think i'm a little drunk...Had a blast at karaoke and 7 and for 1 thing, at least I know that if I ever lose my job, there will be those that will hire me as their wedding singer.... haha...Omg how am I gonna wake up at 7am to go to work...=(
I'm feeling a little pissed off at the moment...kinda like in shock...but at the same time, what I heard tonight is in fact reality... Maybe my sheltered life had more faith in mankind but how can you think you know someone but really not know them at all..their values, meaning in life, actions...all seems rather fake when you put them together.
When you know something is just not right, why not just stop it? When you hear news and it literally makes you throw up in disgust, why engage in frivolous entertainment? Chew it or spit it out is the way to go I think...at the same time, do I really care? I mean, I'm at a stage where everything is "watever" to me..I'm detached..and ready to take on whatever ride that comes along.


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