I usually love spending time alone at home, cleaning up a little, surfing the internet and listening to music, flipping the foxtel channels for good movies or the occassional E entertainment. But recently, I haven't been able to enjoy it. Instead, I find myself dashing in and out to have a shower or heading straight to the bed, waking up and out the door to work. My surroundings appear foreign and cold to me.
It's been lonely since you left.... But it frustrates me when you tell me that you love me cos I just don't see a point in it. When I see you it makes me miss you more but then reality glooms the bright of day and I feel numb once again. At the same time, I remember why we agreed to part and those reasons have not changed. I just want to move on with my life and be happy.
I think it's about time I stopped this irresponsible behaviour. Drinking till 2-3am on weekdays is just not me. I've been living on an adrenalin rush with little sleep and lots of alcohol. I've been neglecting work and in a complete cannot be f*cked mode. Really...it's time to snap out of this.


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