It's been a while since I last blogged...I go through phases just like I'm going through a partying phase right now. Well..excessive partying for clarification. Someone said to me last night "Why haven't you blogged in ages? BLOG!!!!" So there!

I guess I was never really into the whole concept of blogging, maybe cos I find it a little too invasive and transparent. Everyone blogs for different reasons but I've yet to answer the question of why I do it. Views and convictions, feelings and emotions are my drivers for writing but posting it on the internet exposes me. What if one day I become rich and famous? =p

Last night was a pretty "wierd" night. I actually felt old. Bumped into the 2 girls I met last week and was welcomed with the biggest scream and hug anyone can possibly fathom. Can't remember their names but apparently, the writer thinks that one of them looks like an ex-gf of mine. She then screams at the top of her lungs "it's my birthday today!!! I'm 18!!!" WTF???18???? I was reading shakespeare when she popped out. I was almost graduating from uni when she was in primary school. They were like psychic vampires taking the life out of me with their young enthusiam so we walked off trying to mingle with others who were a little more like us.

That didn't really help either. Perhaps if we had a couple more shots, we would have fit right in. But being sober kinda made me feel awkward even just standing around people I hardly know.

I think it's the first sign of me getting over this partying phase. Time to go into hybernation...ok better get changed to go out now...=p