It's been a year!

wow..how time has flown by so quickly..it's been over a year since the last entry and trying to remember my password to log into my blogspot account hasn't been easy.

Time to recollect and consolidate all that has happened:
- Went to Europe and had a blast
- Got promoted and life went downhill from then on
- Work work work and got over the partying phase
- Went to Singapore, KL, Thailand, Vietnam over Christmas and New Year
- 4 year relationship came to an end
- Got back into the partying scene

How is this exciting? I really have no clue...

Gotta talk about something though...the art of deception. The one thing my friends used to tell me is that my facial expressions cannot escape the way I feel. It's always been an area that I've wanted to change about myself, my intensity and propensity to react to situations straight after the occurance is bad bad bad...I think it's much better now though. I've learnt to control these extremities to the point where this whole new style and what I would call an 'art' seems to be blossoming from within.. I'm not quite sure if it's actually a good or bad thing but somehow being able to feel one way and act a different way is all new to me and I'm kinda liking it!
Does this make me more mysterious or am I losing my genuinity? hmmm not quite sure..whatever it is, this new found control is rather empowering. Or at least I'd like to think so.


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