It's my lucky day!

You know that myth about being extremely lucky if a bird shits on you?

I am SOOOO lucky....cos I got plastered with bird pooo this morning. Grrrrrrr...

What is it with me and birds? Why do they conveniently love to poo on me? And really, there ain't no luck floating around. Except maybe that it went on my shirt and not my face or hair. wow..so lucky i am.


bundle of joy

This is Yazmin, my niece/goddaughter. Her birthday is coming up soon and she's turning 6!! geez..she's so tiny in that photo but oh so cute.

I am known to her as Elmo ee ee cos when she was bout 1-2, all she wanted to play with was my tickle me elmo. It made her chuckle so I sent it along with her back to Auckland and since then, Elmo hasn't been replaced.

When Yazzie visited me in Melbourne last year, I remember one conversation:
Elaine: "yazzie, when u grow up u can find a good man to get married to"
Yaz: "mummy, i don't want to get married to a boy"
Elaine: "well, u can get married to a girl too if that is what u want"
Yaz: "yeah, but not in Australia or New Zealand, maybe only in America"
Denise "WTF??? How the hell did she know that"

Anyway, it has been only a couple of months since Elaine passed away. I miss her and it has been really hard on David and Yazmin. But they are doing fine.

This is Yazzie and I playing on the sofa at the hospital. She said to me "Elmo eeee eeee, you are so strong, like a man...stronger than daddiee.." omg..how embarrassing...my mum looked at me and raised her eyebrow... errrmmm how's that for brutal honesty.. but I love it. I miss that little one..